There once was this family that lived in Southern California. While all three children were born in SoCal, Mom and Dad are both transplants to the magical land they now call home.

Big Sister has graduated nursing school, started her career and got married!

Little Sister has dreams to do everything under the sun.

Brother is close to high school graduation but isn't exactly sure what he wants to do. He is eager to be an entrepreneur (he gets that from Grandma, Grandpa and Mom). While Mom and Dad would love for Brother to go to college for the experiences and people he will meet, they understand that traditional higher education is not for everyone so they came up with an idea.

They put together this family business to give their kids a taste of what it is like to be an entrepreneur so they can make an informed decision about their future.

SoCal Sunnies is higher education, in a sense. It teaches the kids how to run a business, offer excellent customer service, and work hard (really hard). Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart, nor is it for those who want to leave work at work. It is a chaotic lifestyle that is a blessing and a privilege.

Why sunglasses? 

  • They are an essential part of SoCal life (it is sunny here)
  • They are the perfect way to complete any outfit
  • They are an affordable way to express your personality 
  • They are a great anti-aging tool (less squinting, less wrinkles!)
  • Mom wears hers ALL THE TIME...when it is sunny, when it is cloudy, when driving during the day, when driving during the night, at concerts and sometimes at church when the lights are flashing bright.  She has sensitive eyes and gets migraines so she knows other women like her appreciate, and need, fabulous sunnies. 

Mom and Dad hope the family owned and operated business will be an opportunity to teach their children and offer a taste of SoCal life with their affordable and stylish sunglasses to those near and far.